of Columbia, South Carolina

#C3: Creating Community Connections

Lashonda McFadden​, Community Advocate

It's My Business to KNOW Yo​ur Business

Creating Community Connections

It's My Business to KNOW Your Business!

As a Community Advocate, it is advantageous for me to get to know the services you provide to our community.  Having lived in Columbia for over 10 years, I have seen the  rapid expansion of the Richland Northeast community.  We appreciate all of the hard work and sacrifice you have put into your business.   

Let me advocate for you and refer your company to the client base it needs! Simply contact me, via text message, with information about your event, company, or business and I will inform citizens of your mission, and vision; I will support the development and lifespan of your business by offering information to clients.  I will promote your business to interested persons who can benefit from your services or products; I will encourage citizens to invest in your business; I will be an advocate on your behalf to relay accurate and relevant information concerning your cause or service.

Let me be your Community Advocate

Community Advocacy v. Referral Agency

I do both!

Advocacy is typically brand specific, and can be recognized as 'word of mouth' advertisement. This marketing strategy is based on passion for group or cause and starts within an organization. Creating Connections is essential to a thriving economic community. The organization brand I have chose to advocate for is the Columbia/ Richland/ Midlands community. I am passionate about the well being and livelihood of the citizens residing, working, and visiting this area of South Carolina.

On the other hand, a Referral Agency actively pursues clients and sponsors for an organization.  Though Cube Referral Agency, I will connect local businesses, community leaders, the health care industry, recreational facilities, religious organizations, entertainment venues and countless other products  & services to the citizens of Columbia/ Richland/ Midlands area. Contact me for more information!

 (Not For Profit, Community Advocacy & Referral Brand)